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May 4th, 2021 Category: Thought Piece

Rebalancing Privacy and Precision on the Open Web – Part 1

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Since January 2020, when Google announced their intention to stop supporting third-party cookies by 2022 in their Chrome browser, there have been numerous articles, public statements, and market reactions. As a significant participant within the AdTech ecosystem, NextRoll made a conscious...

May 4th, 2021 Category: Thought Piece

Rebalancing Privacy and Precision on the Open Web – Part 2

NextRoll Inc. by

In our Part 1 blog post, we established a way to understand the open web landscape, and what was changing, and why. In this Part 2 blog post, we outline the NextRoll position on the nature of this change to the open web, and how we recommend navigating through it.Let’s start by stating our...

May 3rd, 2021 Category: Thought Piece

“You Are Not Alone” – Mental Health Awareness Month at NextRoll

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The wellbeing of Rollers is always at the forefront of what we do as an organization and why we do it. For Mental Health Awareness Month, our employee resource group, RollAble, which focuses on Rollers who experience physical or mental health challenges, looked into ways we can provide support as...

April 27th, 2021 Category: Thought Piece

Ambitious Women Spotlight Series – Meet Victoria Waterman

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As Senior Director of Customer Success at AdRoll (a division of NextRoll), Victoria Waterman oversees not one, but three international groups: Onboarding, Scaled Customer Success and Strategic Account Management. Needless to say, she’s busy! She managed to carve out some time to talk about what...

April 6th, 2021 Category: Thought Piece

Ambitious Women Spotlight Series – Meet Jessica Lawlor

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Seven years strong at NextRoll, Jessica Lawlor is a Lead Product Manager on the Core Team. Her journey into the world of tech has been slightly unconventional. After studying Psychology at the University College Dublin (UCD) and earning her Masters in Human Cognitive Neuropsychology, she trained...

April 2nd, 2021 Category: Thought Piece

How to Elevate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

Roli Saxena by

Throughout Women’s History Month, I reflected deeply on the progress we’ve made as a global society toward building an inclusive world where people are valued for their diversity. On one hand, we’ve made tremendous progress on many fronts: Kamala Harris recently became the first woman of color to...

March 31st, 2021 Category: Thought Piece

Ambitious Women Spotlight Series – Meet Roli Saxena

NextRoll Inc. by

During Women’s History Month, we celebrate the stories of women who forged new paths, defied gender norms, and paved the way for the women of the future.Today, we’re continuing that tradition by sharing a recent conversation with Roli Saxena, President of AdRoll and fierce advocate for women in...

March 26th, 2021 Category: Thought Piece

Standing With the AAPI Community

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Hate has no home at NextRoll. Our goal from day one is to give every Roller the opportunity to contribute and grow — no matter what someone looks like or where they are from. This is because we know our company and our communities are better places when we work with a diverse group of people to...

March 15th, 2021 Category: Thought Piece

Ambitious Women Spotlight – Meet Serena Patel

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For this next post we caught up with Serena Patel, Senior Account Manager here at NextRoll, to learn more about her career in tech, what ambition means to her and how caring can be a superpower.

July 30th, 2020 Category: Thought Piece

How NextRoll is Supporting Our Rollers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Marissa Cardon by

Our Rollers (employees) are the most essential “ingredient” to our success and culture. This pandemic is like nothing any of us have been through before. So, as we navigate this time with our Rollers, we want to ensure they are being supported… but we can’t read their minds! The best way to...