New Year, New Sales Goals – Featuring Melina Owusu

As a Sales Development Manager for RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, Melina Owusu’s responsibility is three-fold: to mentor a team of strategic SDRs so they have the resources to book meetings for their designated New Business Sales reps, align their career paths, and advance them to the next stage in their careers. 

But that’s not all she’s focused on. As Co-President of RollDeep, NextRoll’s Employee Resource Group that promotes inclusivity and education amongst the Black community within and outside the company, she also works to ensure employees have a safe space to connect and bond with one another. With so much happening for Melina on a daily basis, we wanted to know her tips for focusing and preparing for success in the new year.

2021 has been a challenging year on so many levels. As a sales leader, what's your biggest takeaway from last year? 

The biggest takeaway is to celebrate the wins. This is a big one for me because to have my SDRs overachieve in quota on a monthly basis is not an easy accomplishment. Whenever they hit their monthly meeting goal, hit their proposal goal, and put the cherry on top with a close or win, it deserves huge praise! 

How do you plan for meeting your sales goals in 2022? 

By staying focused and prioritizing on key areas such as career development for my SDRs, ensuring they’re hitting their KPIs week over week, and building the momentum on my team. 

Do you have any tried and true habits that help you achieve success in sales? 

Leading with intuition and empathy. I lead with these habits because it allows me to see a situation from a holistic perspective. This in return allows for open communication and effective feedback with my team. 

Do you have any New Year's resolutions for your career? 

My New Year’s resolution for my career is to continue to grow as a manager. I’d like to continue to gain more experience and broaden my product knowledge in the ABM space. 

How do you set your career goals for the new year? 

I’m setting my career goals by measuring my work/life balance, specifically, taking control of my time, volunteering to gain experience from other depts, such as demand generation and talent acquisition, and joining a professional network. Last but not least, gain at least one professional certification in sales leadership. 

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