How Personal Progress Led to Product Transformations

AFT All Star "Transformation" Champion Bowie Sievers

Senior Product Manager Bowie Sievers’s transformation over the past seven years is a great example of turning lemons into lemonade – and how sweet that lemonade can become with dedication and creative thinking.

Bowie recently claimed one of NextRoll’s coveted AFT All-Star Awards, which our leaders award quarterly to teams and individuals. Recipients of these awards exemplify our Agility, Future-proofing, and Transformation themes, which help us continue to innovate in our industry. 

His peers nominated him for this award because over the past year alone he’s stepped up to assume several leadership roles and lead a variety of key projects that have in turn transformed our RollWorks Account-Based Platform into a more valuable product for our customers and our company.

"He has been a tireless advocate of our customers, and a valuable partner to the Customer Success team and Product Success team in making sure that our voice is heard," said Principal Product Success Manager Evan Perkins.

Learn more about Bowie has not only transformed the RollWorks product but also himself as a leader during his career at NextRoll. 

Transforming His Role

Since joining NextRoll almost seven years ago, Bowie has taken on several different roles within the company. As he’s progressed, he’s learned a lot on the way and now uses the knowledge to empower new team members. 

“Apart from the fact that I started at NextRoll in my mid-20s, and now have more than a few grey hairs…I think I’ve become a lot more comfortable dealing with uncertainty and working in areas I’m not as familiar with,” Bowie said. “In the past, if I didn't feel like I deeply understood a subject area, I would avoid it. Now, I’m more eager to dive into these areas to try and become a more well-rounded person and employee!”

In 2021, Bowie stepped up to take on more responsibility and tackled more tasks when people transitioned out of key roles on his team. 

“To me, transformation means changing or expanding a mindset – be it your own or others – particularly in the face of adversity,” he said. 

And although this year has been a lot of work, Bowie stayed calm and collaborative under pressure. 

"In terms of his approach, Bowie is one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever worked with,” said Lead Product Manager Mark Miller. “He always brings a positive attitude to everything he does, tries to collaborate as nicely as possible with everyone he interacts with, answers every question anyone ever has, basically never complains, and always says yes to helping people."

Today, he’s using his approachable attitude and his deeper skillset to provide direction that’s driving major product transformations for the RollWorks account-based platform.

Transforming the RollWorks Product

As RollWorks continues to add new features and functionality that enhance the value of the platform, Bowie has been at the forefront of this transformation. 

Bowie leads projects and products that are core to RollWorks' transformation, including many projects that deliver on RollWorks' Account-Based Platform innovation theme that endeavors to bring RollWorks customers even more expansive insights and intelligence about their accounts.  

The customer is at the core of the projects that Bowie has led. With his attention to customer pain points and needs, Bowie’s focus has been bringing to life products and capabilities that support customers’ Go-To-Market teams in finding more known and unknown accounts and people within and outside of their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and delivering actionable account insights so customers understand what actions to take next. 

Bowie said he attributes the success of his team, and in turn, the product in part to the collaborative culture at NextRoll. 

“I’ve been able to work with literally every department at the company – particularly marketing, sales, SDRs, sales operations, marketing operations, customer success, and partnerships and ask them for their feedback and input on how we can make the product better. And despite the fact this is not part of their core roles, people from every department are so generous with their time to provide feedback input. It’s cliche, but true: it really is a team effort to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and the company.”

What’s Next

The best part of the transformation is seeing the positive outcomes and growth that come from the dedication and work put into it. As we get deeper into 2022, these projects under Bowie’s leadership will continue to make the RollWorks product an innovative, accessible platform for businesses of all sizes.

So what’s Bowie excited about?

“The growth of the company! We have been hiring like crazy so there are a lot of people who are just starting to come into their own and taking on complex problems and projects, which will undoubtedly propel the company forward. I’m super excited to see where we finish up 2022 and what the next couple of years have in store for NextRoll!”

Want to join Bowie and the Product teams at NextRoll? We’re hiring, so check out our open roles and consider contributing to our future transformation and growth!