Powerful machine learning marketing technology.

Company Evolution

Growing businesses for over a decade.

We launched our platform as AdRoll in 2006, and we’ve evolved a lot over the years. Since the beginning, our mission has been to level the playing field for businesses of all sizes by creating a reliable and understandable platform.

Today, as NextRoll, our machine learning marketing technology serves two high-growth markets, which uniquely positions us to ingest more market data than our competitors and create over 150 billion daily buyer predictions.


Delivering unprecedented growth for D2C brands with display ads, social ads, behavioral email, and actionable insights in one platform.

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Driving B2B growth with an account-based platform that identifies accounts, engages them across channels, and measures campaign effectiveness.

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Meet the leaders who keep things rolling

Our Executive Leadership Team

Roli Saxena Roli Saxena CEO, NextRoll
Sue Choe Sue Choe CFO
Laura Zwahlen Laura Zwahlen CRO
Vibhor Kapoor Vibhor Kapoor Chief Business Officer
Mihir Nanavati Mihir Nanavati Chief Innovation and Ecosystem Officer
Amy LeBold Amy LeBold EVP, People
Ashley Narsutis Ashley Narsutis VP, Legal
Ashley Narsutis Shelly Vernick VP, Culture & Communications & Chief of Staff
Brian Focarile Brian Focarile Sr. Director, Strategy & Corporate Development

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