Introducing RollWorks: The B2B Growth Platform

Today we’re very excited to announce the launch of RollWorks, a brand new business unit. RollWorks is a Growth Platform dedicated to helping B2B marketers find and engage the right people within the accounts that matter to them most.


How and why

2017 was a huge year for AdRoll. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary, we launched our account-based marketing platform, and we worked with thousands of B2B customers like PagerDuty, WPEngine, Pantheon, and more. It was an incredible year of running prospecting and retargeting campaigns at scale and seeing thousands of businesses grow as result.

But 2017 also surfaced a lot of questions and challenges. We noticed that while AdRoll’s tried and true performance marketing tools definitely helped B2B marketers, they weren’t addressing all of their needs. As B2B marketers know all too well, B2B sales cycles are very different from traditional e-commerce sales.

To address this growing need, we launched the AdRoll ABM Advertising Platform last fall. The new platform saw huge success. So much success, in fact, that we realized that to take B2B marketing to the next level, we would need to invest a lot more resources into B2B-specific solutions.

So that’s when we decided to build something bespoke. RollWorks, a division of AdRoll Group, will focus solely on helping B2B marketers grow their businesses with tools tailored specifically to their needs.

A new platform for new B2B needs

RollWorks is a new Growth Platform that will provide B2B marketers with highly-targeted, personalized marketing at scale. With a robust team behind the platform, we can provide B2B marketers with account-based marketing, retargeting, and prospecting solutions all in one place.

As part of AdRoll Group, RollWorks draws on more than ten years of performance marketing experience and leverages all of AdRoll’s proprietary data that has been gathered over the last decade.

We wanted to bring our performance background, our transparent metrics, and our incredible account support to the B2B market, and with a dedicated business unit, we can do just that. 

The RollWorks Difference

Unlike other solutions that target B2B prospects based on IP address, RollWorks allows marketers to put personalized, relevant messages in front of prospects, across multiple channels and devices, and throughout the entire sales process using cookie-based targeting.

Using cookie-based tech means that B2B marketers can now be far more precise about who they’re getting their message in front of and knowing how that message is resonating.

Using the RollWorks platform you will get:

Precision Targeting

Go beyond an IP-based targeting approach by connecting your CRM or MA system to RollWorks. You’ll be matching your data with the world’s largest opt-in intent data pool, boosting your ability to engage contacts in your target accounts. With DNA rooted in the AdRoll Group’s proven prospecting and targeting expertise, RollWorks can superpower the precision of B2B targeting.

Further Reach

RollWorks enables you to run both broad and narrow campaigns at scale. If you do not have a target account list, you can target based on firmographics or leverage our act-alike targeting to reach new prospects that behave similarly to your best customers. If you do have a target account list, you can find new contacts within those companies and also nurture the contacts that are already in your CRM using custom advertisements. Whether you know who your prospects are or not, you can reach them with the RollWorks platform.

Granular Measurement

Prove you’ve made an impact. RollWorks reporting provides transparency at both the account- and contact-level so you have better visibility into your full marketing impact. RollWorks also offers reporting in the systems where you spend most of your time. Using our CRM and marketing automation connectors, you can see your campaign data right inside your Salesforce, Marketo, or Hubspot dashboard and share it with the rest of your organization.

Proven Performance

With over 10 years of proven performance-marketing heritage, you can get results unmatched by anyone else. RollWorks has been shown to deliver over 5X the ROI than a leading ABM provider* and our powerful machine-learning AI constantly improves your results over time.




At the end of the day, the RollWorks platform was built with the B2B marketer in mind. This means highly-targeted ads are going out and meaningful insights are coming in.

The main mission of RollWorks is to empower you to target and connect with your prospects with unprecedented precision. Using the largest opt-in data co-op on the market, RollWorks allows you to engage with the right message at any point in the buyer’s journey. You will also more deeply understand the ROI of your efforts with direct access to your data, dashboards, and metrics.

RollWorks is currently available for US-based customers and hundreds of customers who were previously using AdRoll’s ABM platform have already migrated to RollWorks.

To find out more about the RollWorks platform, you can visit the RollWorks homepage.


*In head-to-head test from November 2017 to February 2018