Google Updates Timeline to Phase Out Third-Party Cookies on Chrome

Yesterday, Google updated its timeline for Chrome phasing out support of third-party cookies from early 2022 to late 2023.

What does this mean for participants in the open web landscape?

[Head over to our Rebalancing privacy and precision on the open web – Part 1 blog post, if you need a refresher on the participants and their motivation in the open web landscape]

We believe this is good news for everyone. Why? 

Because the digital advertising industry is serious about solving the complex problem of preserving the vitality of the open web and delivering privacy for internet users. NextRoll is an active participant in engaging on these hard problems through our work with Privacy Sandbox and W3C, as well as the specs on FLoC, FLEDGE, and most recently PAURAQUE. Google cannot solve for a new precise and privacy-preserving open web landscape by itself, and this update is a reflection of the need for the entire industry to continue collaboration towards this shared goal.  

However, collaboration and commitment to doing complex work is necessary but insufficient for the industry to solve this problem at scale. Time is also a necessary component. Time to discuss, time to experiment, time to learn from mistakes, time to course correct, time to make things work in reality rather than in theory, and time to work with customers. Time matters and Google’s announcement just increased the remaining time by 3X.

So let’s not waste this time. Let’s use it wisely to rebalance privacy and precision on the open web and maintain its vitality.


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