The Future of Work: NextRoll’s Hybrid Work Model

Like most technology companies, the pandemic has taught NextRoll leaders a lot about the way employees working in “tech” live and work. There are numerous predictions (read:headlines!) on how our way of life and work will be forever changed, including a lot of declarations that a new one-size-fits-all model is coming to the future of work near you. While it would be easy to get caught up in reacting to all of the conjecture of what the future of work will look like, for us, the most important learning is that we need to continue prioritizing the way our own employees live and work, and take steps to create a work environment where we continue to thrive.

As a result of our new view into our Rollers’ WFH situations in the ongoing pandemic, we learned people can stay connected to their teams and be productive in environments outside the traditional office. We’ve also learned there’s a benefit and productivity boost when Rollers can manage their time more independently and efficiently. This could mean cutting out commute time, walking the dog or hopping on a bike at lunchtime instead of at the end of the day, and getting more adept at asynchronous work to accommodate different schedules and working hours. And…we also learned there are still a lot of Rollers who are eager to reconvene in person, in an office setting, with their colleagues, because they genuinely miss that atmosphere too. 

As we emerge from the forced WFH environment, we now have a very clear sense that there is not a one-size-fits-all model when it comes to work environments in which our Rollers thrive. Some of us do our best work at the office, some of us from a home office, and some of us need the flexibility to do both. Therefore, our next step is to move to a Hybrid Work Model where Rollers have optimum flexibility to work in the environment that best suits them. 

NextRoll’s Hybrid Work Model offers employees three different work options, so they can choose what fits best with their lifestyle: Remote (WFH full-time), Flex (1-2 days/week in a NextRoll office) and Office (3 or more days/week in a NextRoll office).

Our current workforce is represented across 33 cities, 29 U.S. States, and multiple countries. We are thrilled to provide so many opportunities for unique work- life experiences in our new model!

With our Rollers spanning the globe, across time zones, and in different working environments, we know we need to be deliberate about creating opportunities for connection. We also ensure Rollers continue to feel supported, no matter where they work. Starting with the basics, all Rollers in any location have access to home-office setup support, which we also have in our offices. 

We’re also adapting our comprehensive learning and development programs to be offered in a hybrid environment. This allows for breakout sessions, peer-to-peer learning, mentorship, and our cohort training programs (Women in Leadership, Underrepresented Group Development Program, Inclusive Management Program) to be facilitated in a way that includes our Rollers, regardless of where they’re located. 

Once our offices reopen, our Wellness programming will be offered with both onsite and remote access options, as another way to connect with colleagues in the new model. Most importantly, regardless of work environment, we will continue to provide generous benefits for all Rollers. This includes comprehensive healthcare selections (coverage 100%), paid time off (PTO) plans, paid parental leave… and of course snacks and drinks (with home delivery, as well as in-office availability), because another lesson we learned in this time is that we all still love free food!  

Though we don’t have everything figured out, we feel confident that if we continue to take cues from our Rollers and remain committed to providing the best experience of an employee’s career, we will successfully navigate the future ahead of us in our new Hybrid Work Model.

Interested in learning more about our opportunities? Learn more about NextRoll’s Hybrid Work Model.