NextRoll DE&I Spotlight: Minority-Owned Business Badges

This year, our D&I Core Committee – a group of employee advocates and champions for the company’s D&I initiatives – not only has a new name, but is now reimagined in a way to promote agents of change. We did this by creating valuable programs that positively impact underrepresented groups within NextRoll, as well as in our communities. 

At the end of 2020, our leadership announced the expansion of how we label our Diversity & Inclusion programming to include Equity in its title (DE&I). This is because while many of our previous programs included this important focus, we wanted to ensure we explicitly promote Equity as a key part of overall strategy and goals, and we include this language more deliberately in our conversations.

Our new NextRoll’s DE&I Core Committee’s mission is to make lasting systemic changes to how we operate as a business in order to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. 

NextRoll’s DE&I Goals and Committees

In 2020, we made progress on our goals related to creating awareness and deepening education on DE&I topics. We also increased company-wide involvement in DEI-focused conversations and causes. This year, we’re building on those achievements by asking our three new DEI subcommittees to create projects that deepen empathy and drive accountability and change through solutions-oriented actions in their respective focus areas:

People: The goal for this subcommittee is to have stronger commitments towards anti-racist programs and policies, and ongoing dialogue and education. 

Business: The goal for this subcommittee is to create more opportunity and access for growth to businesses led by and/or positively impacting marginalized communities.

Philanthropy: The goal for this subcommittee is to deepen our partnerships with marginalized communities in support of NextRoll Gives Back (our internal volunteer and community support program) and address the role of company philanthropy/donations.

Minority-Owned Business Badges

Most recently, the NextRoll DEI Business Subcommittee rolled out its project of creating badges – or visual symbols – that customers can access through our product platforms and include on dynamic ads and email creatives. 

These Minority-Owned Business Badges help our underrepresented customers showcase their identity as a minority-owned business and may convince their audience to make a purchase or support their business overall. 

Here are what the seven badges look like on our platform:

Initially, these badges were only available to AdRoll customers (direct-to-consumer businesses) in North America. However, the subcommittee plans to also offer the Minority-Owned Business Badges to RollWorks customers (business-to-business organizations) in the future. 

Learn more about the Minority-Owned Business Badges program on the AdRoll Blog.

NextRoll’s Focus on DE&I

NextRoll’s DE&I Core Committee’s vision is to reflect the diverse communities in which we live and work, to create a strong sense of belonging, and to harness Rollers’ diverse talents to drive innovations and sustainable growth for the business. 

We will continue to focus on and invest in strong DE&I programs at NextRoll, because we understand our role, responsibility, and impact in creating more equitable opportunities.

Learn more about our culture and how we make diversity our business on the NextRoll website.