Rolling On expands to Taking the Next Step

As we have all seen, technology companies are experiencing an unprecedented amount of restructuring, lay-offs, and broad reductions in force. It has caused disappointment, confusion, and some real anxiety about landing a new job. As difficult as that is, NextRoll has figured out a way to help people during this time and we want to share it.

NextRoll’s machine learning technology gathers data, delivers reliable insights, and provides businesses with approachable tools to target buyers in strategic ways – all on one platform.

Our purpose is to enable growth for our customers, for our communities, and for our Rollers.

NextRoll has a powerful long-term opportunity and like many other tech companies, we recently had to make some tough decisions to be thoughtful during this economic uncertainty to continue to thrive in this market. To that end, we let go of some amazing Rollers to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency.

NextRoll’s culture is defined by our “culture creatures.”  One of them is the Owl; we hire great people and help them grow.  As the leader of Talent Acquisition, I couldn’t be more proud of this value.  In my over 5 years at NextRoll, I have witnessed Rollers moving into different parts of the organization and being promoted to higher responsibilities.

In the spirit of the Owl, as Talent Acquisition professionals, my team wanted to continue to help our former Rollers grow, even now as they look for the next step in their careers.  Hence, we came up with our Rolling On program which uses our perspective and experiences as recruiters to compile tools and resources to help our former colleagues find and land their next opportunity.

Based on the great feedback we received on our Rolling On series, I thought, “Wow, we really helped folks, what if we offered this program externally!” At NextRoll, we believe in leveling the playing field for our customers in achieving their business goals.

“What if we helped level the playing field for folks who have been impacted by their former company’s layoffs?”

From this, we developed our Taking the Next Step program. We built a resource page dedicated to providing job seekers with the knowledge and tools to show up as their best selves.

This program consists of a microsite, webinar sessions, and 1:1 coaching aligned to help job seekers find a new role.


Our Taking the Next Step site provides job seekers resources including a Career Resource Guide, Job Search Tracker, blogs, links to sign-up for the live webinar sessions, and a link to sign-up for 1:1 coaching sessions.


The webinar sessions will be taking place on the following dates:

  • 3/7/23 Taking the Next Step: Sourcing for a Job and Getting a Recruiter’s Attention

  • 3/21/23 Taking the Next Step: Ace That Interview

Coaching Sessions

The Talent Acquisition team will hold coaching sessions (link) for the first 40 sign-ups.

At NextRoll, our purpose is to enable growth for our customers, our communities, and our employees. Our mission has always been to level the playing field by enabling teams of any size, budget, and expertise to do great marketing and advertising. It is our goal that our Taking the Next Step program will provide the same opportunity for folks to find the next step in their career!