How to Succeed as a Woman in Tech

How NextRoll Women Define Their Own Success Metrics

How do you measure success? It’s probably the most common question asked in the workforce and at the same time, the hardest to answer. For women especially, success can mean so many different things. For one woman, it may reflect where they are in their career at a given moment or tied to a specific milestone. For another, it could be achieving a balance between work and family. No matter how you define success, though, it always leads to one thing – the desired impact. 

We wanted to know how women at NextRoll measure success – what’s the impact they’re striving for and how they’re setting out to achieve it? 

Here are their words of wisdom:

“On an individual level, I think a strong measure of success is that you're happy and fulfilled in your career. For me, that means I’m solving interesting, complex problems, and I’m learning and growing my skills. Success also means understanding what your manager, team, and company are looking to achieve and contributing to those goals. Individual achievement is satisfying, but recognizing the larger picture and helping others achieve their measures of success means you are having a broader impact.”- Corey Shott, Senior Software Engineer for NextRoll

“Money and title aren’t everything, especially when you are in the first half of your career. I’m successful in my career and will feel good about my professional trajectory if I can answer “yes” to the following questions: 

  • Am I happy? Am I having a positive influence on the people around me? Am I impacting the business positively? Am I my authentic self at work? 

  • Am I learning? Am I doing things today that I wasn’t able to do a year ago? Do I know things today that I didn’t know before? Am I working on interesting problems? Am I getting exposed to new people who I can learn from? 

I don’t know where my career will take me, but I’m leaning into my curiosity to find out. Each change I make and every new experience that I have to help me uncover something new in me and where I’d like to go. Success to me means I can look back and feel good about the choices that I made and the person that I’ve become. I’ve got a strong moral compass and if I can stick to that while taking on new responsibilities – and making more money down the road – I’m good!” - Johanna Eichhorst, Principal Program Manager, GTM Operations for RollWorks, a division of NextRoll

“I like to check in with myself on a quarterly basis to ask myself two important questions. Am I happy in my role and energized by the work I am doing? And am I still growing and learning professionally? If the answer is yes to both of those questions, I know I’ll continue to be successful and will be able to avoid burnout.” - Laci Long, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Website for AdRoll, a division of NextRoll

“Success is making a difference and feeling great about what I’ve done. Success is learning, finding solutions, moving forward, checking off items on my list, and finding a balance between life and work. Success is taking care of myself, feeling accomplished, and energized.” - Roberta “Roby” Baldassarre, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for RollWorks, a division of NextRoll

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