January 30th, 2024 Category: Product

Beyond Cookies at NextRoll: Building the Future of Digital Advertising

Rob Myers by

Since the advent of programmatic advertising, the cookie has been the core ID used to target internet users, serve them ads, and track the impact of that advertising. Since Apple started removing cookies with the first iteration of its Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in 2017, we have seen...

October 3rd, 2023 Category: Life At NextRoll

Navigating Change: Making Value-Based Decisions to Propel NextRoll Forward

Roli Saxena by

As human beings, change is often inevitable. Change can bring about great things—new places to live, new life milestones to reach, and new careers to pursue. However, even when changes can ultimately lead us to great places, they can also be difficult to navigate and adapt to. As someone who’s...

July 11th, 2023 Category: Thought Piece

Boosting Team Collaboration and Performance

The Benefits of Restating and Repeating in One-on-One Meetings

Alfonso Guerrero-Villa by

At NextRoll, our Owl Culture Creature represents hiring great people and helping one another grow. Alfonso Guerrero-Villa, Principal Program Manager, Revenue Programs, channeled his inner Owl in this article to help fellow managers discover how restating and repeating can enhance team...

July 5th, 2023 Category: DEI

Celebrating our DEI Leaders and ERGs

Our first ERG Rally recognized ERG leaders at NextRoll

Alyssa Dowdalls by

Impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion programming within a company is no small task. At NextRoll, we have a dedicated DEI team and eight Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with leaders who work daily to ensure Rollers feel included and have the opportunity to learn about new cultures within our...

June 15th, 2023 Category: Product

Pixel Assistant: MarTech By Customers, For Customers

How customer feedback sparked a new tool for AdRoll and RollWorks

Alyssa Dowdalls by

Modern-day marketers know the value and need for website pixels – those bits of code placed on a website that record interactions and create anonymous profiles of users. Pixels help retarget potential customers across the web and provide information about who’s visiting a company’s...

June 12th, 2023 Category: News

Fortune Ranks NextRoll a ‘Best Workplace’!

Alyssa Dowdalls by

It’s common to hear from Rollers that one of the things they love most about NextRoll is our culture. We prioritize our people, our customers, and our communities, and we strive to make those the focus of our work every day. So we were ecstatic to hear that Rollers’ feedback recently prompted...

May 19th, 2023 Category: Life At NextRoll

Pledging to be Stigma-Free

Highlighting our supportive benefits during Mental Health Awareness Month

Alyssa Dowdalls by

One in nearly 7 people experiences mental health challenges at work. And that’s just those we know of. Mental health is more widely acknowledged and discussed at work than ever before, but it can still feel like a stigma to some, and it keeps people from getting the help they need. This Mental...

May 12th, 2023 Category: News

Career Growth – Insight From AdRoll’s New President

How Vibhor Kapoor continues to grow with and within our AdRoll business unit.

Alyssa Dowdalls by

Hiring great people and helping them grow is a core value here at NextRoll. It’s represented by our Owl Culture Creature and one we strive for at all levels of our business – from hiring up-and-coming interns to mission-driven executive leaders.This was recently exemplified at the highest level...

May 8th, 2023 Category: News

NextRoll's New Career Communities Support Job Seekers

NextRoll Inc. by

They say it takes a village, and that’s not only true for raising kiddos. Have you ever considered all the people, groups, or resources that have helped you along your professional journey? Perhaps a mentor who took you under their wing early on in your career or a publication you follow on...

April 21st, 2023 Category: Thought Piece

A 100-Day Lookback

CEO Roli Saxena discusses how culture drives our purpose.

Roli Saxena by

Over my first 100 days as NextRoll CEO, it became clear that culture continues to be the core of our identity as a powerful marketing technology company and a driving force behind our success. I heard this feedback from Rollers across all levels of the organization through many listening sessions...