Ambitious Women Spotlight – Meet Serena Patel

For this next post we caught up with Serena Patel, Senior Account Manager here at NextRoll, to learn more about her career in tech, what ambition means to her and how caring can be a superpower.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love that my role allows me to be creative with data and speak to clients every day.

I particularly enjoy working with businesses of all sizes, from your small to medium sized startups to global retail brands – there’s a lot of diversity. The best part is when a client says, “We achieved our record sales last month – thanks for all your help in our growth.” 

What’s been your favorite project at NextRoll?

I really enjoy showcasing my culture within NextRoll. In our APAC office we regularly give presentations on cultural events that are close to us. I have taught my team about local traditions which I learned from my Indian heritage, as well as the significance of these. My colleagues are always engaging and fascinated to learn about these. I’m part of DesiRoll which is a global group for those with an affinity to South Asian culture. I loved sharing with them my Diwali celebrations and hearing how other colleagues celebrate this across the world. 

What does ambition mean to you?

Ambition means always aiming higher. It’s about always striving for higher achievement and pushing the boundaries. This can mean challenging people about the status-quo, and remaining resilient when people think you can’t keep moving up. It’s about after each achievement asking yourself, ‘Okay, what’s next?’ 

How do you balance work and life?

I have an amazing manager who trusts in my hard work. As a result, I have a lot of flexibility and freedom to manage my work day and move things around as I need. This gives me the balance I desire. I hadn’t experienced true work/life balance before I joined NextRoll. Additionally, I am very good friends with my colleagues inside and outside of work, which often makes work not feel like work. As a result we collaborate better and achieve more. 

What words do you live by?

Treat others as you want to be treated. Working with people it’s so important to have respect for our differences and to have an open-mind when working with people. I always live by this and start with kindness and compassion, as a result I feel that’s what I get in return.

What’s your superpower?

Caring is my superpower.  I am a caring person and I translate this into my job. As a result I’ve had clients who have stayed with me since I joined because of the personal touch and service they have received from me. I take pride in helping my clients feel looked after and as a result build close, long-lasting relationships with them.

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