Transforming AdRoll’s Advanced Package Platform Offering for Agencies

As we continue to transform NextRoll’s products to solve the complex business problems that marketers and business owners face today, our teams are always on the lookout for opportunities to evolve our platforms, packaging, and pricing to meet the needs of all our customers.

AdRoll provides D2C brands an e-commerce marketing platform with innovative tools growing businesses need to attract more customers, get them to spend, and keep them coming back while these customers browse the web, scroll through social media feeds, and read their emails

Last year, AdRoll introduced the Advanced Package to help ambitious customers get the most out of AdRoll’s platform by providing them with special product access and free ad credits to scale their impact. After this next-level plan launched for D2C brands, our team identified the need to adapt the Advanced Package for our agency customers supporting expansive client bases and with agency-specific needs.

To achieve this goal, Tannin Pease, Aaron Call, Parya Behrouzian, Erika Morgan, Arianna David, Darren Smith, and others joined forces. This cross-functional team worked together quickly and adapted AdRoll's Advanced Package so agencies working with a multitude of brands could also take full advantage of AdRoll's platform innovations and access ad credits to scale the agency’s impact on their own customer base.

“I’m most proud of the speed at which the team came together to make this happen,” said Sr. Sales Operations Manager Darren Smith. “There was a great deal of urgency to help ensure we were able to get a meaningful package out for some of our existing [agency] customers whose agreements were about to expire. Setting up a process that works in a short time is rarely easy and this was an example of the right people coming together to move quickly.” 

And for their efforts, this team recently won an AFT All-Star award – an internal NextRoll award program that awards individuals or teams that have made significant contributions towards NextRoll's goals – in the Transformation category! Here’s a little insight into their success. 

Supporting Agency Clients

Over 850 agencies work with AdRoll to strengthen client relationships and grow revenue. These partners have agency-specific needs. They use one AdRoll account to serve and support a variety of their own customers, so it was important to create an option under the new Advanced Package that would provide agencies the most value in a unique way. 

“In the Agency world, all communication and relationships are built through the agency itself,” said Tannin Pease, Manager II, Channel Account Management. “With that, most of the products and packages that are put together are initially designed for direct clients and oftentimes don't fit very well in the agency-specific relationships. To be able to create a program that specializes specifically in the agency relationship and help create longer-term value for agencies is a massive win.”

Teamwork played a key role in rolling out the agency-focused Advanced Package in just one quarter. By working cross-functionally, Rollers from the finance, sales, customer success, and revenue operations teams redesigned the platform and offerings to fit an agency’s needs. 

“This new package for agencies really allows our customers to grow and become more profitable,” said Assistant Controller Erika Morgan. “This offering serves our customers in a new, exciting way and also brings additional revenue into NextRoll.”

Everyone Wins

As our customers grow bigger and scale their operations to meet those needs, our teams recognize that we’re going to keep growing right along with them to ensure they have innovative tools and dedicated support to keep succeeding. 

“As our Agency offering develops, we will get the opportunity to build out new automation and support structures for agency teams,” said Darren Smith. “This will allow them to better self-serve. With that automation will come a deeper insight into what resonates with our customers.”

The feedback we receive from customers and agencies of all sizes is incredibly valuable. It helps our teams continue to transform our products, evolve how we bring them to market, and provide the best support for both ambitious D2C brands plus agencies and their customers. 

“What I believe contributes to success is beginning with large ideas and then working quickly with stakeholders to iron out a package that we could deliver to agencies,” said Agency Relationship Manager Aaron Call. 

We can’t wait to see what the team does next!

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