NextRoll's New Career Communities Support Job Seekers

They say it takes a village, and that’s not only true for raising kiddos. Have you ever considered all the people, groups, or resources that have helped you along your professional journey? Perhaps a mentor who took you under their wing early on in your career or a publication you follow on LinkedIn that provides practical information you can apply in your role?

Our Talent Experience & Acquisition team hopes to be a part of your career support team and make you a member of our village – aka our Career Communities.

Our Career Communities provide valuable resources and support for job seekers and others who want to upskill their way to better roles in the future. Not only do they include our world-class Recruiters, who are here to support you through coaching sessions and webinars, but also your peers who are navigating the same professional landscapes as you. 

Members of our Career Communities receive quarterly newsletters that are full of helpful content. Since we want to ensure people within specific job functions are getting the best advice and tips for them, we’ve created five different newsletters for Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, and Corporate groups. 

Here’s a preview of some of the content featured in our first Sales Career Community newsletter:

Upleveling your career skills is ongoing, and you’re likely to be job hunting multiple times throughout your career. So joining a Career Community where you can regularly receive the best tips can only yield positive results. Is it too late to join one of our Career Communities? No way! Need more convincing on why you should take less than 5 minutes to join one? Here are a few!

  • Get insight into what a great work culture looks like

  • Learn job-related tips to boost your skillset for the future 

  • Stay connected with an award-winning employer (that’s us!) to hear about job openings

At NextRoll, we embrace the mantra “sharing is caring” and aim to provide quarterly content that will inform and inspire folks, whether they’re actively looking for a new job or interested in improving in their existing role. It’s a part of our culture to do right by our customers and our community, and we hope this new initiative will support you and your career along the way.

Join us, and let’s grow together!