Starting a New Career Confidently

Introducing Our RollMate Initiative

Starting a new career is SO EXCITING. But it also can be very daunting. Everything is new, and while you’re a pro at your job, there’s a lot to learn when you join a new company. This is why our Learning & Development team launched our RollMate program officially in early 2022. 

The RollMate Program is a peer-to-peer program established to support new Rollers in successfully assimilating into their new work environment. A RollMate is an experienced colleague who can help answer big and small questions and provide support during the first three months of onboarding. They’re also a friendly face and a go-to person, which is so valuable in the first 90 days on the job.

We hope the RollMate Program will help new Rollers feel comfortable faster and give them the tools and information they need to execute their roles quickly. 

“The Rollmate program helped me feel more confident in my role,” said Tessa Markiewicz, Associate Program Manager, Privacy. “In the early weeks and months of starting, I wasn't as comfortable asking questions in team meetings, and my RollMate meetings allowed me to bring the questions to a one-on-one level.”

Typically, new Rollers meet their RollMate for a 30-minute coffee chat during their first week. After that, they meet weekly to check in with each other and chat about one of these topics:

  • Set Your Intention - This session is designed to set a mutual goal for what you want to accomplish during the program.

  • Understanding Your Role - The RollMate will help you to understand the nuances of your role and responsibilities.

  • Systems and Communications - The RollMate will show you our systems and how to use them.

  • Training Overview and Opportunities - Review of the New Roller Trainings and the ongoing trainings offered here at NextRoll.

  • Sentiment Check In - Check in with your RollMate to see how it’s going.

  • Mental Health and Wellness - Review the various mental health and wellness resources offered here at NextRoll.

  • NextRoll Values & Culture - The RollMate will help you to understand NextRoll’s core values and NextRoll’s culture.

  • Feedback and Information - Discuss how we give and receive feedback and information here at NextRoll.

  • Goal Setting and Reviews - The RollMate will show you how we use SMART goals within Reflektive. 

  • Career Development - The RollMate will provide information about our career development trainings.

  • Program Reflection - Wrap up by reflecting on the last 90 days and decide how you want to move forward with this new connection.

“The biggest takeaway from this experience was to be able to connect with another colleague on the team to whom I may not have had too much exposure outside of our cross-collaboration work,” said Evamor Palacio, Sr. People Operations Manager. “Being able to set aside time in our week to discuss our progress within the team and company in addition to personally getting to know them has been a great experience.”

This program benefits the new Rollers joining NextRoll and allows their RollMates to increase their leadership skills, expand their network, and contribute to someone’s initial experience at our company. 

“The program helped me connect with a peer, discuss areas we struggled with, and cheer each other on as we succeeded,” said Eddie Castaneda, Paralegal II. “It also helped me rethink how we (the Legal team) approach onboarding and organize training materials for new team members.”

The program also makes onboarding a more efficient experience for our teams.

“You are afforded a contact you can ask questions, get answers in a timely manner, decrease potential errors, and clear up any confusion as you navigate uncharted waters,” said Scott Reeves, Compensation Manager. “The RollMates program provided dedicated time to speak live – not only to help answer questions but to gain more context and clarity on the topics we discussed.”

New Rollers who join our NextRoll corporate teams are automatically enrolled and paired up with a RollMate. Rollers aligned with customer-facing roles in the AdRoll and RollWorks business units also go through similar programs to help them assimilate as they ramp up.

At NextRoll, we embrace our Culture Creatures and use them to motivate everything we do. The RollMate program is a great example of The Owl, representing Growth and our focus on hiring great people and helping one another grow.

If you want to join a company that nurtures your growth from Day One, check out our Job Board!