Roll Around the World - Andrew Merino

How NextRoll's Hybrid Work Model Supports Roller Adventures

Recently, Andrew took his work out to the waves and beyond the border, as he teleworked for about three months in Mexico!

He stowed his snowboard at home in Utah and ditched the cold weather for a surfboard, tacos, and cervezas. The best thing is he didn’t have to use his PTO time to achieve the adventure. 

The AdRoll Sr. Platform Success Manager brought along his laptop and gear with him, so when he wasn’t sunning in the sand, he was ensuring our AdRoll customers continued to find success on the platform. 

NextRoll’s Hybrid Work Model gives Rollers the ability to travel and work at the same time. Rollers generally have the flexibility to roam within the country while they work for brief periods of time. If Rollers consider traveling outside their designated work location for 90 days or more, they should loop in their managers for discussion and approval of timeframe and location.

Keep reading to learn how Andrew took advantage of our flex work model to make new memories!

Tell us a little bit about your recent trip.

I’d been itching to head south of the border to brush up on my Spanish, improve my surfing, and indulge in the vibrant Mexican culture! After doing some research, I spent three months working remotely between Mexico City and Puerto Escondido.  

How did you set up for work success on the road?

I knew that having a full work setup would be essential for my productivity. I packed all my work supplies, including my extra monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I also did quite a bit of research on the places I was staying in advance to make sure I had a desk and a quiet workspace. After running into a couple of issues with slow internet, I got a SIM card to set up a hot spot whenever the wifi became questionable.

How does NextRoll support your adventures?

Nextroll fully embraces the flexible work model, it’s ingrained in our culture. I felt this from HR all the way down to my manager and team members. I remember being a little nervous about bringing it up to my manager initially, but he quickly showed his support and even encouraged me to take the trip. Having that kind of support gave me the confidence to take the adventure of a lifetime. 

What tips do you have for people who want to work and travel simultaneously?

My first tip is to research your accommodations to make sure you will have a solid wifi connection and a quiet workspace. Nothing is more stressful than being on an important video call when your internet goes out.

The second would be to make a routine for yourself. I found that having structure and consistency allowed me to stay focused and motivated on a daily basis. It’s easy to throw yourself into a new environment and get distracted, so try to get into a routine early in your travels. 

Lastly – keep an eye on the time! One of the reasons I chose Mexico was because of the minimal difference in time zone. This made it easy to schedule meetings both internally and externally without having to rearrange my normal working hours. I would also recommend updating the clock on your calendar and laptop to the local time zone wherever your work is located.

Now that Andrew is more comfortable with working on the road, you might just catch him back in Mexico in 2023! 

Learn more about NextRoll’s Hybrid Work Model and how we empower Rollers to make memories where they want!