Investing in Health and Happiness: VirtuRoll Wellness Week

Giving our team the resources to live healthy and productive lives at work and at home remains a top priority at NextRoll. This is because we know when our team is living their best lives, they’re also doing their best work. 

In August, we’re hosting our 6th annual Wellness Week, which features events for Rollers (or NextRoll employees) that promote healthy habits. And since Rollers live all around the world, extra thought went into scheduling events to accommodate as many time zones as possible. 

“This year, we’re focusing on all aspects of wellness – but especially mental health,” said Nicole Song, who is coordinating NextRoll’s Wellness Week. “The pandemic has added stress to everyone’s lives, so we're providing resources to reinforce healthy mental habits and adding events like yoga.”

The pandemic also shifted how we host Wellness Week since our team continues to work remotely. While we’ve historically hosted these events in-person, 2021 is the second year Wellness Week will be held 100% virtually.

Virtual RollWell

Our RollWell program, which focuses on providing healthy activities and resources to Rollers, is now virtual and includes a variety of events every month during work hours, including regular meditation sessions, HIIT classes, and weekly healthy food photo submissions via Slack. 

We also host a variety of resources on our intranet, which Rollers can access at any time. The page provides helpful tips for all areas of health – from mind and body to bank account and retirement plans. 

By hosting our RollWell program virtually, we not only reach Rollers all over the world in different time zones, but also cater to our full-time remote or flex Rollers who will continue to work remotely even after our offices reopen. Learn more about our Hybrid Work Model

Wellness Week 2021

Work environments are not the only things that continue to change. As the health trends and the needs of Rollers have evolved over the past six years, so have our Wellness Week event offerings. 

This year, we’re focusing on Financial Wellness, Fitness, Mindfulness & Meditation, and Nutrition & Wellness. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the events available in each focus area!

Financial Wellness

Investing Boot Camp: A workshop geared at helping Rollers identify financial priorities, and learn how to save and invest effectively to accomplish them.

Keeping Debt Under Control: Hosted by our partners at Pensionmark, this seminar helps attendees gain the knowledge needed to take control of their debt, make a plan for paying it, and prevent it from becoming a problem in the future. 


Zumba with Rae Studios:  A fitness party with easy-to-follow dance steps to form the ultimate calorie-burning experience to Latin beats, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and Pop music.

Bodyweight Burn with WORK: A 30-minute fitness class designed to effectively target all muscles that requires no equipment, just bodyweight, and help Rollers get stronger, head to toe.

Yoga with WORK: A movement-based class designed for recovery and restoration through fluid physical motion and stretching. This class will focus specifically on shoulders, hips, and lower back since many Rollers sit in front of computers during the majority of the workday.

ClassPass: NextRoll provides a free ClassPass virtual class subscription for Rollers around the world, and this session will help our team learn more about this incredible benefit! In addition to thousands of on-demand fitness classes, ClassPass also connects users to wellness and nutrition resources year-round. 

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindful Monday with David Perls: A few minutes of brain training each day can add up to cumulative improvements in and out of work. In this session, David Perls will share practical approaches to training the mind based on the latest neuroscience research, as well as mental strategies our team can put to use immediately when difficulties arise during your workday.

Meditation 101: Unplug Meditation will cover the science, benefits, and techniques to help Rollers focus, stress less, and lock in a positive mindset. We’ll learn their signature 16-second life-changing meditation aimed at pausing stress and increasing calm and wellbeing. This session caters to both the busy skeptic and long-term meditator.

Calm Presents: 10 Days of Radical Self-care Kickoff: In this 10-day program, Lama Rod Owens details how when Rollers take the time to understand what they really need to feel well, they can provide themselves with what they need to experience lasting nourishment. NextRoll provides free Calm app access to participate in this program, as well as all year long.

Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness Habits For Lifelong Health: Learn the biggest contributors of heart disease, while understanding how to build a sustainable nutrition-based foundation of healthy habits. Rollers will learn healthy dieting to attain and maintain cardiovascular strength; identify foods suited for stress, sleep, and physical and mental recovery; support health through takeaway actions and easy food swaps to start doing today; understand healthy fats, where to find them, and how to store them; and separate myth from diet and exercise science to strengthen and reduce risk of heart disease.

NextRoll’s focus and investment in Rollers’ health doesn't stop after Wellness Week. We also offer 100% coverage for medical, dental, and vision insurance, in addition to free fitness class access, Mindful Monday meditation sessions, and so much more throughout the year.

Head over to the NextRoll website to learn more about the exceptional benefits available to Rollers – and check out our open roles while you’re there!