A Letter from Roli Saxena, NextRoll CEO

AdRoll President Roli Saxena named new NextRoll CEO

To our NextRoll employees and broader community,

I am humbled, honored, and excited to lead as NextRoll CEO through the next phase of building our business.

When I joined the company a little under two years ago, it was immediately apparent that NextRoll is a special place. The potential was endless – from the power of our technology, to the culture of our teams, to the collective ambition to build innovative products and do right by our customers and our community. Fast forward to today as I step into the CEO role, I know for a fact that NextRoll will continue to leverage our company’s strengths to deliver value to our customers, and impact the world. The road ahead of us is an exciting one. Allow me to share my reflections on what is fueling me. I hope it will fuel all of you, too.

For the past sixteen years, NextRoll has been helping customers grow their businesses. Our mission has always been to level the playing field by enabling teams of any size, budget, and expertise to do great marketing and advertising. We’ve helped tens of thousands of ambitious companies deliver on their marketing strategies and business goals even as their needs have evolved over time.

All of this has been possible because our company is built on solid foundations. We have maintained a relentless focus on customer success since day one. The strength of our core technology leveraging powerful machine learning and integrated data platforms has fueled new product innovations. We also stand on the shoulders of an extraordinary culture, Rollers and  their leadership establishing us in the place we find ourselves today.

NextRoll has accomplished so much, and still in many ways, we are only just beginning. Over the last four years, we have charted and embarked on a transformation. Both AdRoll and RollWorks have expanded beyond our original digital advertising foundations and built indispensable platforms for D2C and B2B teams to find prospective customers and grow their businesses. Today, over 25% of NextRoll revenue is SaaS revenue as customers lean into the ongoing value they are deriving from our platforms.

RollWorks has consistently delivered innovative account-based products to B2B teams, introducing solutions like Account Insights, Contact Insights, Buyer Intent, and LinkedIn Audience Syncing throughout this year. Having deepened its HubSpot capabilities, RollWorks has also expanded the footprint of its Account-Based Platform through new partnerships and integrations.

AdRoll is enabling D2C brands to do great omnichannel digital marketing, and is today the only platform where one can run display ads, social ads, and email – all in one place. We're adding more channels that customers use most, and pairing them with an automation studio to create personalized experiences, as well as enhancing our list builder and cross-channel dashboard. With greater Shopify capabilities, AdRoll will continue to expand its partnerships and integrations to realize the vision of one platform for digital marketing and advertising.

Today’s uncertain macroeconomic climate requires our customers to be effective revenue-generating engines for their businesses, and we continue to innovate with our ever present customer-first mindset. AdRoll recently launched a rewards program for Shopify-powered brands to help customers stretch their marketing dollars right in time for the busy holiday season and increasingly competitive online environment. Within RollWorks, I am inspired by the value we are delivering to our customers with our Accelerate program, a program that helps businesses make the most of their account-based campaigns and available to all customers no matter where they are on their ABM journey. As with these innovative programs, we will continue to deliver on our mission of leveling the playing field for our ambitious customers.

As we embark on the journey ahead, our incredible culture will be front and center for me. Stepping into this role, I commit to listening, learning, and tapping into the collective brilliance of our Rollers so that together, we can write the next chapters of our NextRoll story. We will continue our commitment and accountability towards our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mission. We will embrace our company values and introduce new tenets that will guide us in the next phase of our journey.

Just as I felt when I started at the company, I know our team has the ambition, adaptability, and willingness to embrace change that will turn the opportunities in front of us into reality. It feels fitting that I am writing to you during the fall season here in the U.S. with cooler temperatures and changing colors. It is a reminder that with each season of change comes an opportunity for transformation.

I’d like to end with a thank you to every Roller for everything you do—for your hard-work, passion and enthusiasm. I am grateful to be on this exciting journey with all of you.