Setting New Rollers Up for Success

How Our Onboarding Training Program Goes Above and Beyond

No matter how long you’ve been in the workforce, starting a new job can be scary! Significant life changes –like a new job – can mean high stress levels, and on Day One can often feel uncomfortable because there’s so much to learn.

At NextRoll, we get it. And that’s why our Learning & Development team created a virtual, in-depth, and thoughtful onboarding training program that helps people from all departments and all levels of experience become well prepared to roll up their sleeves confidently. 

During the 90-day onboarding process, new Rollers learn about our business and key teams in a series of separate virtual meetings.  Additionally, depending on their role, new Rollers follow a specific learning path, which consists of live training and eLearning courses in HonorRoll, our learning platform.

Courses span all company areas, from Leadership and Engineering/Technology to Sales and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The sessions ensure Rollers have the resources to learn about the company holistically and ask questions as they come up. 

Our hope is by hosting a thoughtful and paced onboarding experience, new Rollers will feel more comfortable and better prepared to tackle their new roles. New Rollers also meet and interact with our Executive Leaders along the way.

We chatted with a few new Rollers who’ve joined the company recently to hear about their experience and takeaways from the onboarding experience. Here’s what they had to say!

Ann Maves - Sr. Sales Enablement Manager, AdRoll

“I found the new hire onboarding experience at NextRoll to be very supportive and well-organized. I come from a Learning and Development background and have led new hire training in other organizations. As a result, I couldn't help but notice the details. Coming into a new organization is intimidating, and it’s reassuring to hear from your new hire training team before your start date. I knew well before my start date what the first day would look like and who to contact with questions. I really enjoyed the Subject Matter Experts who led the sessions and the clear list of who to reach out to for questions or assistance on various topics. The overarching takeaway is that NextRoll is a well-organized and thoughtful organization that pays attention to the learning experience of a new hire. This impressed me and validated my decision to join the team!”

Nancy Yerga - Procurement Program Manager, NextRoll 

“I feel like there is so much to learn about NextRoll – different employee offerings, how each BU operates and is structured, where to go for support, security measures, the list goes on. This program allowed me to learn these different things, which in turn helped me directly in my job. If I didn’t have this program to point out each weekly topic, I might not have even known to ask about it or that it exists. Knowing these things up front has helped me become more efficient in my role right out of the gate.”

Shawn Cook - VP of Sales, RollWorks

“The biggest takeaway for me from our onboarding program was how each department started their sessions with a vision statement. For example, the HR team shared their vision of every new hire or recruit having the best career experience. This set the stage for alignment.”

Kelly Hatamiya - Learning and Development, NextRoll

“This program has helped me grow because I attended various training sessions outside my function, such as Engineering 101 and AdRoll Product 101. It was interesting to learn about those areas and gain a high-level understanding of how they operate. Additionally, during the onboarding program, I learned about several resources I could utilize to meet other Rollers at the company. I joined a Slack channel that pairs you up with another Roller every two weeks for an informal coffee chat to connect about anything.” 

We’re always so grateful when new Rollers choose to invest their time and careers into our mission and success at NextRoll. We hope our intentional onboarding program helps them feel welcome and ready once they arrive. 

Learn more about our learning-focused culture at NextRoll!