How NextRoll’s Bereavement Leave Supported Laura Fowler

When Laura Fowler joined our team to connect new customers to our RollWorks ABM platform, she was only here for a month before her brother passed away unexpectedly. Losing a family member is never easy, and it can be incredibly stressful when you’ve just started a new job. 

But at NextRoll, Laura was not only met with immense compassion from her coworkers and our leadership team, but she was also able to take advantage of our 20-day paid bereavement policy – even as a brand new Roller. 

Laura expressed immense gratitude for this benefit and shared more about how our policies improve her work-life balance. 

Tell us how NextRoll supported your unexpected leave.

One month after joining RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, I lost my brother unexpectedly. I was told to take time off in increments or all at once to be with my family through the grieving process. I was reassured work would be distributed with coworkers to ensure a light and manageable flow upon my return.  This is a true testament to the core values NextRoll offers employees and makes us feel respected, valued, important, and provides a sense of belonging. 

How did leadership help you through your leave?

Randy Moore, Adele Dikio, and our office manager immediately reached out, offering support beyond what I expected during a time of shock and grief. Our family received a warm dinner, a comfort blanket, and a heartfelt, warm personal note.

How does NextRoll’s culture support you?

I highly recommend our company to family, best friends, and anyone looking for a place where a healthy culture is as important as a balance sheet. Our company offers many supplemental programs to help employees maintain work-life balance and improve their mental and physical health. These programs include stress-reduction workshops, nutritional consultations, financial planning, and grievance counseling services. NextRoll also covers 100% medical, dental, and vision insurance for qualifying Rollers. Remote workers can participate in fun virtual workshops and leadership programs. If you talk to other Rollers, you’ll hear it's this culture and benefits that keep them on the team. 

Big thank you to Laura for sharing this personal story. 

Learn how our benefits at NextRoll support Rollers through all different life events and help our team find work-life balance.