Navigating Change: Making Value-Based Decisions to Propel NextRoll Forward

As human beings, change is often inevitable. Change can bring about great things—new places to live, new life milestones to reach, and new careers to pursue. However, even when changes can ultimately lead us to great places, they can also be difficult to navigate and adapt to. 

As someone who’s experienced many changes in my life, I’ve found the same can also be said for change within an organization. Sometimes, despite leading companies to stronger growth, seeing new strategies through can involve tough decisions or choices that require an adjustment period. 

 "Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle, and best at the end." 

- Robin Sharma, Leadership and Personal Development Guru

At NextRoll, we support businesses by providing reliable marketing solutions that help them grow revenue efficiently and sustainably.  Now more than ever, building these revenue strategies is critical for our customers, and the role we play in assisting in that endeavor motivates me and all Rollers (aka NextRoll employees) every day. 

As I stepped into the role of CEO in the midst of a rapidly evolving industry and economic environment, I found myself making some tough decisions to put us on a stronger path towards delivering our mission and value to customers.  Our decision-making process, particularly considering the multifaceted nature of change, needed to be a straightforward, principle-centered framework. This framework continues to ensure that each choice made not only aligns with our culture and values, but also is in line with our commitment to our customers and the NextRoll team:

  1. Customer Focus: Ensuring that our decisions bring paramount benefits to our customers is imperative. We are steadfast in understanding their challenges and tailoring our tools and solutions to proficiently meet and surpass their needs.

  2. Collaborative Impact: We seek decisions that enhance cross-team collaboration, believing that our collective strength and unified efforts magnify our ability to deliver unparalleled solutions to our customers. When we think about collaborative impact, we think broader than proverbial company walls.  We also believe that the complexity of the world today requires members of the ecosystem to collaborate and partner to create value and win-win for all stakeholders. Partnership is an underlying pillar of our strategy.

  3. Ownership and Empowerment: Every decision manifests a profound sense of ownership, embodying accountability, long-term strategic thinking, and an operable sense of urgency to navigate toward beneficial business outcomes.

  4. Speed and Agility: Ensuring our decisions grant us the latitude to move swiftly, adapt, and remain agile amidst the ever-changing industry tides is vital. Our emphasis on speed, agility, and impactful action equips us to navigate the dynamic digital marketing environment with finesse.  

  5. Financial Health: The fiscal well-being and profitability of NextRoll underpin our ability to perpetually enhance our platforms and services. While some short-term investments may be necessary, each is scrutinized with a focus on ensuring long-term profitability and sustainability.

In essence, every decision is made with these guiding principles, forming a robust framework that ensures the sustained success of both NextRoll and our customers. This navigational compass doesn’t merely assist us through change, but guarantees that we’re perpetually poised to deliver exemplary value and drive growth amidst the perpetually evolving digital landscape.