How the RollWorks Ops Team Supports Platform Growth

As the RollWorks platform continues to transform and grow with customers’ needs in mind, there’s a lot of work that happens behind the scenes to keep up! 

Since 2018, when we first launched RollWorks to offer ambitious B2B companies an account-based platform to align their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue, its customer base, as well as features, has grown tremendously.

So how do we keep up with that growth and ensure we have the internal and financial systems to support the RollWorks team? Over the last year, the RollWorks Operations team has kicked it into high gear to optimize and add additional processes to streamline and transform existing infrastructure. And through that behind-the-scenes work, created a foundation for a more effective and efficient business going forward. And while the work that happens in the background isn’t always seen, it’s worth taking the time to celebrate. 

“The RollWorks Operations team is a special group of passionate individuals who work tirelessly to support RollWorks,” said Dylana MacDonald, Sr. Business Systems Analyst. “They are agile and quick to pivot as needed when priorities and deliverables change, which allows for continuous transformation.”

For the team’s ingenuity and hard work, the team recently won an AFT All-Star award – an internal NextRoll program that awards individuals who or teams that have made significant contributions towards NextRoll's goals – in the Transformation category! 

“Transformation in a company requires an all-in approach, shifting everything from day to day operations, to the foundation we build a future on,” said Erin Curran, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager.

The RollWorks Operations team started the transformation by partnering closely with the Finance, Business Analytics, and Business Systems teams – plus extended team members in the RollWorks Business Unit. Through these partnerships, the team had a tremendous impact in helping RollWorks maximize its revenue potential by driving accountability across the customer lifecycle while aligning and orchestrating marketing, sales, and customer success projects.

By rewriting internal operations, improving client acquisition, and empowering client delight, the team also successfully established a culture focused on seamless revenue systems to support customers of all sizes.

“Both RollWorks and NextRoll overall have grown immensely over the last year, and with growth comes new challenges of scale,” said Chris Berry, Manager II, CRM Systems. “We have to be able to move quickly and capitalize on opportunities, and that gets more and more challenging the bigger we get. Continuing to be nimble requires a team that's able to keep a lot of moving parts organized.”

A few of the projects the team collaborated on include transforming the way RollWorks approaches annual capacity planning and leveraging more data and metrics to predict trends and inform business decisions. The team has also brought a new level of discipline and rigor to reporting, enabling stakeholders to better understand the business and how to move it forward.

And we’re excited to see all the future growth out of the RollWorks Business Unit! Because we know the RollWorks Operations team will be ready to provide the critical support needed for the transformation.

If you’re interested in joining a team that’s working on company-changing projects, check out the NextRoll Job Board.