A Feature on Fatherhood with Tannin Pease

Highlighting Paternity Leave Benefits During National Work and Family Month

When Tannin Pease’s fifth baby arrived during Q4, the Manager II of Agency Account Management on the AdRoll Channel Sales team took advantage of our flexible work environment and parental leave benefits to spend time with his new son while also wrapping up the fiscal year strong. 

All working parents can appreciate, and honestly need, a flexible workplace whether it’s when a new child arrives, as they grow, and beyond. For qualifying Rollers, we offer a 100% base salary for up to 12 weeks of family leave. 

We chatted with Tannin and heard how he feels supported as a working dad of five!

Tell us about your paternity leave experience at NextRoll.

I took my paternity leave between January and March of 2021, after my baby boy was born in November 2020. I opted to wait to take my leave until after Q4 finished, but I still took a few weeks off for the birth. This was our fifth, and last, baby, and it was, by far, the most amount of time I have taken off. My oldest is 10, and I only got three days off work when he was born. Each new kid allowed for a little bit more time, ranging from three days to a week. With my fourth, I was able to take a six-week leave, which was an amazing experience. But having the ability to take a full 12 weeks off was something I will be eternally grateful for. I was able to spend time with my new baby and dedicate time to each of my other kids without worrying about work. It was the most amount of one on one time I have had with my kids since they were born, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

How did NextRoll’s People team and leadership support you before and during your leave? 

Most of the resources for the Pat leave are easily available and fairly easy to understand. Still, there were a few questions I needed clarity on, and the People team was super quick to respond and get me the answers I needed. 

My manager at the time made sure I knew my book was covered while I was out. I helped reassign all of my agencies to my peers and spent a portion of the end of Q4 preparing my peers and my agencies for the new support through Q1. I still popped in every once in a while and joined a few team meetings just to say “hi,” but was never expected to lift a finger when it came to work stuff. The team was super supportive as well.

How does NextRoll’s flex work model support you as a parent?

At first, working from home was a bit of a burden with five kids. But now, it is a huge blessing. The office is about a 45-minute drive from my house, so if I needed to take a kid to the doctor or help with school pick-up, I would have to travel to do so. Now with school pick-up, which is right in the middle of nap time, I can stay home with a sleeping baby and continue working as usual, and my wife can go pick up the kids at school without having to wake the baby up. Now my wife can take one or two kids to the doctor if they need it and not have to haul the rest with her. They know I am still working and can come to me if they need something. And I am still just as productive and working while my wife is tackling things that would have been much more of a burden had I still been working from the office. I also get an hour and a half back in my day to spend more time with my family now that I am not driving to work every day.

I’m happy to work for a company that values me as an employee while recognizing I’m a parent and encouraging me to prioritize my family. Seeing how the company values me makes me want to work harder and help the company succeed even more. 

We love supporting our Rollers through all their life journeys – including parenthood! Learn more about NextRoll’s benefits.