Culture Creatures Explained: The NextRoll Owl and How We Support Employee Development

Meet NextRoll, the parent company of AdRoll, RollWorks, and NextRoll Platform Services. For more than a decade we’ve built and improved the data, infrastructure, and machine learning that powers growth for thousands of ambitious companies worldwide.

What sets us apart is that we are a people-first company. This is embodied by our six culture creatures, each of which represents a core value:

  • The Bee represents innovation and building products that work for everyone

  • The Dog demonstrates loyalty and doing right by the customer and our community

  • The Monkey embodies fun and a mantra of taking work seriously but not ourselves

  • The Beaver shows a focus on being industrious and doing more with less

  • The Jellyfish represents transparency and being open and authentic with those around you

  • The Owl reflects wisdom and a focus on hiring great people and helping them grow

Collectively our culture creatures represent what we stand for, our standards for the team and how we reach our goals. We bring this to life through everything we do, from the office experience we provide to the training and development programmes we run. In this monthly blog series, we’ll shine a light on one of our culture creatures in showing the impact this has across the entire business. This month, we’re focusing on the Owl: hiring great people and helping them grow. Whether you’re just starting your career, or are a seasoned professional looking to take the next step, we invest heavily in our Rollers’ personal and professional development.

The Owl: Hire great people and help them grow

At NextRoll, we believe that supporting employee development is foundational. It helps build critical skill-sets; hard skills like strategic and commercial thinking and soft skills like stakeholder management which are so important in helping to grow and progress in your career. We also believe that learning and development never stops; it’s a journey not a destination. Here’s some of the initiatives that our Rollers get involved with across the entire organization on that journey.


RollCon is our annual training week in AdRoll that we run across all our offices from San Francisco to Sydney and from New York to Dublin. It’s an opportunity to bring everyone together in an environment focused on action learning; learning by doing. We hear and learn from customers, industry experts and our Rollers across a series of talks and workshops that facilitate and encourage discussion and reflection.


You don’t need to get straight A’s to be part of HonorRoll – our internal training portal where Rollers are encouraged to spend time going deeper on their core role while also learning new skills as they consider the path they want to take.

Women in Leadership

We’re passionate about developing leadership skills in our female Rollers. The Women in Leadership program is a year-long course that offers them focus groups and training to learn from one another and from experts in the field. Senior female leaders mentor and coach high-potential female employees and, as part of the programme, every participant is assigned a mentor for one-on-one discussions and brainstorming sessions that are confidential. Every year, we bring new employees into the programme and we’ve seen a number of our female Rollers move to management positions after participating in Women in Leadership.


At AdRoll, we have our very own version of the buddy system; RollMates. When you join  you’re introduced to someone who’s walked in your shoes, someone who’s been in the role you’re stepping into so has great perspective and insight which they’re more than willing to share. It allows Rollers new to the company or even the sector to have the support they need to ask questions they might not otherwise know who to go to with – whether that’s about a product feature or where the best coffee in the area is!

Rolling Reflections 

Creating time and space to reflect on the work you’ve done and the lessons you’ve learned is so important in helping our Rollers to grow and develop. Rolling Reflections is the NextRoll programme that facilitates this. Every six months you sit down with your manager to discuss what you accomplished versus your goals and identify areas for self-improvement, like functional training or soft skills. It’s a chance to have an honest, open discussion about your performance, how you can develop your career at NextRoll, and how the company can support you.

Global Mentorship

We recognise that our talent is spread across the globe, so we’ve designed a mentorship program that pairs up Rollers across locations. This lets you get a broader perspective on working at NextRoll as well as the insight into the roles and paths available to Rollers.


Whether your an Account Executive with a hankering for Marketing, or a Project Manager who fancies themselves as a Sales Specialist, the AdRoll TimeToGrow programme allows Rollers to get hands-on experience and understanding of another role and department. Whether it’s a deep rooted passion for another area of the business or simply a case of wanting to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, TimeToGrow facilitates that.

For Rollers, these initiatives let them grow within the company and explore roles that interest them, as well as develop their skill sets. We have Rollers who started at junior levels and moved up to senior leadership positions. The Owl is just one of the values that makes NextRoll such a great place to work. Next month, we’ll talk about what the Dog means to our company culture.

NextRoll is a rapidly growing technology platform, and we’re always on the lookout for talented, motivated people to help drive our success and to grow along with us. Check out the roles we have available at