AdRoll Cross Channel Measurement Services Addendum

Effective April 21, 2020

This Cross Channel Measurement Services Addendum ("Addendum") supplements the NextRoll Terms of Service ( and, together with all applicable Service Addenda, Order Forms and Insertion Orders (collectively, the "Agreement"), governs Customer’s use of the Cross Channel Measurement Services. All capitalized undefined terms used in this Addendum shall have the same meanings assigned to them in the Terms of Service. If there is a conflict between this Addendum and the Terms of Service, this Addendum will apply with respect to the conflicting term only.

1. Additional Definitions

  • "Activities" mean Customer’s Ads, campaigns, direct mail, catalogs, emails and other distributed marketing activities.
  • "Cross Channel Measurement Data" means any performance data about Activities outside of NextRoll’s Network provided by Customer, or its third party service providers, to NextRoll for purposes of the Cross Channel Measurement Services.

2. Description of Cross Channel Measurement Services

Cross Channel Measurement Services allow Customer to measure the performance of Activities across all channels, both inside and outside of NextRoll’s Network. NextRoll combines Service Data collected through the Technology (i.e., the NextRoll pixel) with the Cross Channel Measurement Data to provide Customer with aggregated reporting, insights and analytics, which constitute Performance Reports.

As between the parties, Customer owns all rights in the Cross Channel Measurement Data. NextRoll will not use Cross Channel Measurement Data for any purpose other than to: (a) provide Cross Channel Measurement Services to Customer, and (b) use, publish, display and distribute de-identified, aggregated, non-personally identifiable information derived from such data for purposes of improving NextRoll’s Services, benchmarking and reporting.

3. Customer Obligations

  • In addition to the Customer obligations in the Terms of Service, if Customer elects to use Cross Channel Measurement Services, Customer will be required to:
    • tag relevant Activities with the Technology (i.e., impression and click trackers);
    • authorize its third party service providers to deliver Cross Channel Measurement Data to NextRoll; and
    • implement, directly or via third party service providers, API integrations to deliver Cross Channel Measurement Data to NextRoll.
  • In addition to the representations and warranties in the Terms of Services, Customer represents and warrants to NextRoll that it has the right to (i) enter into this Addendum, and (ii) grant all rights granted and perform all of its obligations under this Addendum, including with respect to the collection, transfer and use of the Cross Channel Measurement Data.