Privacy Requests - Company


We realize that access to and control over your personal data is important.

If your company used any of our email services (i.e. AdRoll Email or CRM Retargeting) you can request deletion of clear emails provided to us or collected by us when we performed those services for you. We process these emails only in accordance with your instructions (see our Terms of Service).

Before we get started, NextRoll, Inc. will need to validate your identity to process this request. We do this to make sure that you are making a request for your company's data and not data of a third party.

To validate your identity, please do the following:

  • Submit your name and email below.
  • Complete the DocuSign form that was sent to the emaill address you submitted. Please make sure to check your spam folder!

Once NextRoll receives the above information, we can begin processing your request.

Helpful Resources:

  • To learn more about NextRoll interest based advertising and data privacy, please see our Trust Center.
  • To read more about our privacy practices please see our Privacy Notice.