Plug-in and expand your network.

Access our external APIs to create or expand your marketing solutions to new channels and audiences.
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Enable your customers to attract and re-engage audiences beyond your own site or network.

Tap into and activate high performing channels through our external APIs including display, social, native, email and video across all devices.

Create new revenue streams.

Use our infrastructure, data and marketing technology to build entirely new offerings or add new channels to existing ones.

Deliver higher ROI.

Enable campaigns at scale that hit performance goals through machine learning driven-budget allocation, creative selection and more.

Improve your inventory offering.

Give your customers access to the best web and InApp inventory via our extensive network of publishers and exchanges, so they can accelerate budget fulfillment, win new budgets, and meet performance goals.

Simplify and maximize reach – all in one place.

Diversify your offering and make it easy for your customers to expand their reach and optimize their user experience across email, social, video and the web.

Expand your market.

Help your customers increase buyer reach by tapping into our network of global markets that spans across 30 industries.

Provide deeper insights.

Increase the value of your own reporting system by giving your customers access to granular insights – like conversion, audience, performance and deliveries data.