Turn your data into high-value audiences.

Normalize your data and build targetable segments that create more value for your customers and open up new revenue opportunities.
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Build and monetize your own premium audiences.

Go beyond data aggregation to enhance your audience insights and create custom segments for resale.

Enable your customers to activate meaningful audiences, anywhere.

Normalize your raw data based on specific attributes, so your customers can target segments more precisely – through your platform or any other platform.

Unify audience data with greater flexibility.

Use your own identity graph or leverage ours to enrich your user profiles with our database of over 500 million identities, 1 billion devices and 360 million emails.

Create new revenue streams.

Package your rich audience insights into premium, targetable segments for resale to your own customers and third-party companies.

Diversify your marketing offering.

Enhance your demand-generation tools by giving customers access to premium audiences they would otherwise not have access to.