Ambitious Women Spotlight Series – Meet Meg Blanchard

In just three years, Meg Blanchard has rapidly worked her way up the career ladder at RollWorks (a division of NextRoll) from Account Manager, to Senior Account Manager, to her current role as Manager of the Growth Customer Success team. In this role, her responsibilities center around retaining RollWorks’ current customer base and continuing to expand partnerships with key accounts. Meg carved out some time to talk about what motivates her, and the importance of prioritizing time for herself – despite being part of a fast-paced team.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love being a part of a fast-growing industry (ABM) and a company positioning itself to be a market leader. My role allows me to interact with a broad array of cross-functional departments, develop a deeper understanding of their specific focuses, and collaborate on partnership best practices. More specifically, one of the most fulfilling aspects of my role is enabling stakeholders around the RollWorks value proposition and how to best approach an account-based strategy. 

What are your career aspirations?

I don’t have the next few years or 5-10 years mapped out, but a key requirement for me in any future role is continuous learning; I thrive in situations where I am faced with a new scenario or challenge and never want to feel stagnant. The other area I’ll continue to focus on as I define my career trajectory is having impact across the organization I am working for, because I’m incredibly motivated by seeing the direct effects of my efforts on the broader business goals. 

What does ambition mean to you?

In the short term, ambition means having a goal and working toward it every day. Longer term, it’s showing up on the difficult days and continuing to drive toward being a better version of myself. The most ambitious people I know are hardworking, but also passionate and focused. I think ambition is a combination of these factors, and the key is to balance these areas. 

How do you balance work and life?

I can easily lose sight of the goals and hobbies I have outside of work, so this is an area I am always making marginal improvements on. As a way to hold myself accountable to work/life balance, I include those priorities in my daily to-do list, which makes taking the time to focus on myself feel necessary and productive. I try to bring my full self to work everyday, but also allow myself to disconnect from my responsibilities outside of work hours to focus on other important areas in my life. Whether doing a crossword puzzle, going for a walk, catching up with friends and family, scoping out a new brewery, or binging my favorite show – I try to carve out time every day for myself. 

What words do you live by?

I have a few words I try to keep at the core of everything I do, both professionally and personally: 

We rise by lifting others, focus on what you can control, and you’ll never regret being kind.

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