Mental Health Benefits That Make a Daily Impact

How the Calm app supports Shawn Cook, VP of Sales

Take a breath. Whether it’s the end of the quarter, the middle of a sales cycle, or the launch of a huge marketing campaign – we could all use a little calm in our busy lives. 

Easier said than done, we know. But that’s why we provide free access to the Calm app – a source of guided meditations and sleep support to many Rollers, including Shawn Cook, RollWorks VP of Sales.

”As a sales leader, there can be a lot of pressure to perform,” Shawn said. “I also have a wife and family for whom I’m the sole financial provider. There are all kinds of 1-5 minute meditations, music, and even story segments on the Calm App for dealing with worry, anxiety, or stress, and there’s even a confidence series for those times when you really need a boost.”

We took a deeper dive with Shawn to learn how NextRoll’s mental health benefits and the Calm app support his life at work and outside his remote office. 

How do you prioritize your mental health?

One of the positive things that came out of the Coronavirus pandemic was that it caused many people to learn to practice mindfulness, and I was most certainly one of them. Before joining the RollWorks team at NextRoll, I had a somewhat regular routine of meditating and journaling as I have for many years, aka “inconsistently consistent.” While the pandemic helped me to remember the importance of mindfulness, the Calm App has allowed me to be consistent with it.   

What actually got me interested in using the Calm App was the LeBron James Collection on “Training Your Mind.” In the series (where each session is roughly 6-10 minutes), LeBron opens up about his playbook for mental fitness. It has two volumes and includes inspiration and tools for staying strong in your body and in your mind. After that, I found and dearly loved the “Daily Jay” by Jay Shetty. Every day I know for sure that I can spend seven minutes in a mindfulness exercise with Jay and really set the tone for my day. 

How does this mental health resource set you up for success?

I strongly believe “that which is like is drawn unto itself” and “calibration precedes manifestation.”  In work and in life, there will always be two things: Things I DO WANT and things I DONT WANT. What having the Calm app does for me in both work and life is related to this the ability to focus on the moment. 

I start my day by tuning in, turning on, and tapping into the thoughts and feelings that are associated with the things that I DO want. I liken it to a radio dial where I want to be on hot 99.5FM (DO want), and I may be on 106.7FM (DON’T want). The only way to get on the channel of what I DO want (rather than focusing on the absence of it or how long it may take) is to focus on the feelings and thoughts associated with what’s playing on hot 99.5. The Calm app helps me turn the dial when I hit static and “find my jam.” 

How does NextRoll support your mental health?

I’m really grateful that NextRoll provides this benefit. I’m not the type of person who would take advantage of the traditional/basic mental health support that most companies provide – which is usually just a number to call that connects you with a mental health professional. While NextRoll does offer this level of care (which I also appreciate and would utilize if I felt I really needed it), I believe the benefit of the Calm app is more important than the 401k match. I want to live long enough to enjoy that 401k and a huge stock payoff someday, and I believe the Calm app will ensure that I am around to do just that. 

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