Supporting Veteran Families at NextRoll

Every November, we honor and salute the veterans who served – and those who continue to serve – in the U.S. military. Our RollVeterans Employee Resource Group (ERG) is dedicated to creating support for veterans and veteran families, encouraging community engagement, and sharing military culture company-wide.

This year, we wanted to especially thank and recognize veteran families who also sacrifice and support this country in their own ways. 

Cole Randell, RollWorks Manager I, SDR, is one of our RollVeteran ERG leaders and is a military spouse based in Ogden, Utah. His wife Quinn is a Captain in the Air Force. 

“As a military family, most aspects of life are similar to those of a non-military family.  However, one big difference is that my wife is stationed at a new base roughly every two years, meaning we are required to move quite often,” he said. 

NextRoll’s Hybrid Work Model 

Since 2020, we’ve embraced a Hybrid Work Model that supports all Rollers who need or want to relocate throughout the year. Rollers can live and work remotely in over 30 states, or Australia and Ireland, as well as out of one of our five offices (San Francisco, Salt Lake City, New York City, Dublin, and Sydney) full-time or part-time. 

For veterans, veteran spouses like Cole, and their families, this means they have the possibility of staying on their NextRoll teams if they’re stationed in an approved location.

“NextRoll’s flex work policy is HUGE as a military spouse,” said Cole. “Knowing that we are moving roughly every two years and not having to worry about finding another job is a sigh of relief.”

RollVeterans ERG

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is at the heart of our culture at NextRoll. The support and inclusion of veterans and veteran families are a part of that effort. Since 2019, our RollVeterans group has kept veteran holidays, topics, and community service opportunities top of mind with our global team of Rollers. 

It has challenged Rollers to visit military cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day, and they’ve paired up with our other ERGs to focus on mental health and wellness in the veteran community. The group also donates to organizations like the Gary Sinise Foundation, which supports U.S. veterans, first responders, and families.

RollVeterans also serves as a support system and sounding board for all Roller veterans and veteran families at the company – like Cole.  

“Having the ERGs has helped me get connected to a community, so while I am moving every few years, I know that I have a community that is consistent and supportive,” said Cole.

This Veterans Day, we thank Cole and our Roller veterans for their service and their unique and important contributions to our company and our community. 

If you’re a veteran or part of a veteran family and looking for a career that supports flexibility and community, check out our Careers page to learn more about NextRoll.