Recharged and Ready to Honor World Mental Health Day

Over the past two years, most of us heard and read a lot about mental health. But even though we learned a lot, some people didn’t have the ability to implement positive mental health practices because of their demanding daily routines. 

As we celebrate World Mental Health Day in 2021, we are recognizing the importance of fostering healthy habits and having the tools – and time – to do so.

This year, NextRoll hosted three mental health breaks – or what we call Roller Recharge Days – over the summer. Each took place on a Friday, which gave our Rollers around the globe a long weekend, and our company leadership not only embraced but also reinforced the company-wide time off. 

Together, we unplugged from work and practiced some much-needed self-care. Looking back, we learned that self-care means a variety of things, depending on the person. Here are a few stories from Rollers who spent their Recharge Days in different, but equally relaxing, ways. 

Perri Weiss, AdRoll Account Manager (New York)

“​​My Roller Recharge Days were spent on ‘Perri.’ I would sleep in, go for a long walk, workout, and then do something fun. I went to the beach one day, played golf one day, and met up with friends the last day. I used these days to relax, enjoy my time off, and turn off work mode. It was amazing that NextRoll offered these days to allow its employees to focus on themselves."

Andrew Taylor, RollWorks Manager II, Analytics (San Francisco)

“I spent my May and July recharge days doing just that, recharging. I kicked my feet up and caught up on some R&R while indulging in Netflix (Schitt's Creek) & Hulu (Top Chef)! In August, I spent my Recharge Day eating through Yountville. I experienced the wonderful food of Brix Napa Valley, Angele Restaurant, as well as the French Laundry. It was a great start to a three-day weekend.”

Kyle Cowser, RollWorks Manager II, Customer Success (Remote – Florida)

“First thing's first – I slept in an extra hour! – then spent an extra 30 minutes doing yoga and stretching. Since my partner worked that day, I got ahead on chores (laundry and sweeping) and drove out to pick up lunch. I mostly relaxed and made a point to just have a slow day while freeing up time (via leisurely housework) to have more fun over the weekend with my partner."

Eoin Ryan, AdRoll VP of Global Sales

“The Roller Recharge days quickly became very popular in our house over the summer months, as it meant more time for family and the kids! We typically started the weekend early with a trip to the beach, the local park, or just time to chill at home as a family. It’s a really beneficial day off, as – unlike other vacation days – the whole company is also enjoying some downtime so you can truly switch off and recharge. They had a really positive impact on me and my family’s happiness and wellbeing this summer!”

Our reinforcement of positive mental health habits continues in honor of World Mental Health Day! This month, we’re hosting a variety of events – from yoga to speaker sessions – to give Rollers the tools to be proactive on mental health wellness. 

Learn more about how NextRoll invests in the team’s mental and physical health all year long on the NextRoll website.